Geelong's most trusted commercial waste removal and recycling facility

As the waste removal and recycling division of Geelong-based Norris Construction Group, Geelong Commercial Waste (GCW) provides end-to-end waste transfer, removal, and recycling services to commercial clients within Geelong, Surf coast, and South West Victoria. Our key services include commercial recycling, material crushing and screening, waste bins hire and transfer, hook trucks and trays, transport and haulage, and more.


With Norris Construction Group’s 50+ years of operating experience, our South Geelong-based team of local recycling specialists are highly experienced, well informed, and will provide you with the necessary industry knowledge, expertise, and ongoing support to ensure your project is successful. Regardless of the content of your waste – concrete, asphalt, timber, green waste, cardboard, metals, or other – we can organise a solution for your business.


One of our core values as an organisation is sustainability and changing the way the construction industry handles waste. Our projects have been continuously recognised and praised by industry bodies, with our recent Geelong-based Worksafe Project for Built receiving a rating of 6 star “World Class” standard – the highest rating achievable by the GBCA standards. We work closely with Sustainability Victoria and the EPA to ensure our systems are suitably monitored, audited, and updated whilst we continuously endeavour to comply and meet the expectations of the new guidelines.

GCW is proud of the processes we have implemented to reduce our impact on the environment. Our commitment and dedication to sustainability has lead us to becoming:


Green Star compliant

Green Building Aus2.png

Green Building Council of Australia member​​

ISO 14001.gif

ISO 14001 certified


Working with EPA