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Commercial recycling solutions for your project

The team at GCW are recycling specialists with decades of experience and can help your business divert your waste away from landfill using our waste transfer and recycling capabilities. Regardless of the size or contents of your commercial waste, we can provide a tailored solution to meet your project’s needs. Trusted by businesses and councils throughout Geelong and South-West Victoria, our state-of-the-art recycling facility and capabilities cover concrete, asphalt, timber, green waste, carboard, metals, bricks, plastic, rubber, and much more. Simply get in touch with what your business or project requires, and we will get back to you with your waste management options and a free quote.


Divert more than 95% of your construction waste

Once the project commences, the team at GCW will work with your site delivery team to ensure Green Star Compliance by diverting more that 95% of construction waste produced onsite from ending up dozed over into land fill. As an organisation we work closely with Sustainability Victoria and EPA to ensure our systems are audited and we are not only striving to meet the expectations of the new guidelines, but to be at the forefront and push the envelope to be industry leaders. Our facility is a combination of passionate and hardworking manual labour, that carefully manage the primary sort to maximise on salvage and reuse. At our facility, leading technology from around the world is utilised to process, refine and sort all waste to maximise recycling to levels required by the GBCA. Our facility is EPA taskforce compliant and is regularly inspected to ensure the highest of standards are maintained.  

Sustainability Certified

With our accreditations, you can be sure our methods are sustainable and environmentally friendly.


Green Star compliance

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ISO 14001 Certified

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Green Building Council of Australia member​​


Working with EPA

The Worksafe Project in the heart of Geelong that we recently completed for Built, received a rating of 6 star “World Class” standard, which is the highest rating achievable by the GBCA standards. To help head contractors achieve this level of compliance, in accordance to the GBCA standards, we have massively improved and streamlined our systems and processes, which from an environmental perspective will change the way the construction industry handles waste. As an organisation we work closely with Sustainability Victoria and the EPA, to ensure our systems are suitably monitored, audited and updated whilst we continuously endeavour to comply and meet the expectations of the new guidelines.

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