Our brands

Our businesses are long-established market leaders in their sectors and include iconic brands such as Grace Removals, Grace Information Management and Crown World Mobility. We have a proud heritage of success, quality and innovation. Our commitment to continuous improvement is at the heart of our culture, and we are constantly looking for ways to exceed customer expectations.

From product development through to customer service initiatives, our focus has always been on providing the best possible solutions to meet our customers’ needs. As an organisation dedicated to excellence, we strive for operational efficiency, while placing a strong emphasis on sustainability. We believe in doing business responsibly and have taken meaningful steps to reduce our environmental footprint.

Our commitment to consistent quality, value for money and exceptional customer service has placed our businesses at the forefront of our sectors.

Grace is one of Australia’s longest established businesses whose roots trace back to the iconic Grace Bros retail empire founded in 1885. The business has evolved to become Australia’s largest provider of household removals, business relocation services and fine art logistics. Additionally, it has established a leading presence in the information management sector. Grace has a truly national footprint of offices, bureaus and warehouses in every Australian state and territory.

The Crown World Mobility brand provides strategic assignment management, immigration and relocation services for national and international organisations. Whilst the business is managed in Australia by the GCW Group, it forms part of the Crown Worldwide Group, established in 1965, with a presence in over 50 countries and headquartered in Hong Kong.

Smartbox is an innovative mobile self-storage business which operates in Sydney and Melbourne. The service competes with traditional self-storage operators with a product that offers consumers the convenience of a self-service storage solution that is delivered directly to the home.

Move Dynamics is a leading provider of domestic and international employee relocation and moving services. Originally established to offer a unique tender procurement model for staff relocations, aligned with value-based supplier purchasing for governments, Move Dynamics also offers tailored solutions for corporate clients and organisations seeking a trustworthy and transparent panel procurement model.

Microsystems is an established leader in Australia’s document scanning industry servicing both the public and private sectors since 1975. The business is equipped to capture and digitalise a comprehensive range of document and analogue media. Its services also include vital records assessment, workflow strategies, record retrieval, data extraction, and seamless transitioning from paper to image-based retrieval during change management. 

The emergence of GCW Holdings marks a pivotal moment where the past converges with the future, creating a new cohesive narrative of collaboration and achievement as one.